100 Best Companies to Work For In Nigeria

For the first time in Nigeria’s employment sector, Jobberman instituted 100 Best Companies to Work For, an initiative aimed to provide comprehensive rating of employee commitment and satisfaction across employers in Nigeria. The survey was carried out in December 2013 and over 10,000 individuals across all professional levels participated. How were the winners selected?

  • Over 10,000 employees in Nigeria were surveyed
  • Over 5,000 companies were submitted
  • 89% of the respondents were gainfully employed
  • Companies were ranked based on specific metrics including; Company Culture, Salary and Non-Salary Benefits amongst others.

100bestdata Salary (Remuneration) was the most important metric employees considered in rating companies, thus resulting in the oil and gas sectors topping the chart of best companies to work for. From the survey results, there is clearly hope for indigenous companies in the next few decades as they continue to grow and dominate the economic landscape amidst existence of established multinationals doing business in Nigeria. The full list is reproduced below;

[ws_table id=”21″]

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  • Interesting that the public service is ranked highly. I wonder if, in similar lists, the public service is ranked as a “company” in other countries, or if it’s included at all? Must check.

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