35 Percent Of Tablet Owners Take Theirs To The Toilet

There’s almost no place a tablet won’t go these days–more than a third of slate owners say they’ve even taken their tab into the bathroom with them.

No word on whether the old-school print magazines and newspapers of the world consider this new development to be a slight or a relief.

The finding comes from a June online survey of 200 tablet users at companies of various sizes by Staples Advantage, the business-to-business division of the office supply company. It found that the tablet trend is leading to more productivity, both in the potty and beyond.

In addition to the 35 percent of respondents who admitted to touch-screen multitasking in the loo, 78 percent use a tablet in bed and 30 percent use theirs in restaurants. Sixty percent of users also said they take their tablet with them on vacation and use it to check in or do work.

Three-quarters of tablet owners use their slate to check e-mail, while a third are reviewing and editing documents via their touch screens.

“Tablets offer fantastic convenience and a better work/life balance, making it easy for employees to keep information with them and utilize business apps, no matter where they go.” says Ed Ludwigson, vice president and general manager for Staples Technology Solutions, in a statement.

Indeed, nothing says productivity like taking care of business…while taking care of business.



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