Administer Your Server On The Move

In our fast paced world, it does make sense for you to have access to your server while away from your desk and on those few occassions when having a tablet with you might be a little awkward, access from your phone might be your best option.

Padersync is the best choice on the blackberry but at $7.50, it may be considered a little pricey.

Stumbled on BBSSH while hunting for a cheaper alternative. Not only is it cheaper, it is actually free. Point your mobile browser here to have a feel of the app.

Like the Padersync, the only snag to this exciting application is that it uses a separate data plan from your BIS plan. Might make sense to subscribe to a N1000 plan from any of the networks available in Nigeria instead of eating up your call credit.

Would give it a test over the next couple of days, hope the feedback would be good.


  • Hi there, glad to see you’re trying out BBSSH – I’m the author/maintainer 🙂

    I would add that BIS (under most carriers) is all that’s needed for connecting, though of course using wifi will save you data usage. If you’re having specific troubles, I might be able to help you out

    I’d also add that BBSSH offers many features not available in PaderSync 🙂

    • Wale Falade

      Hi marc, realy nice of you to stop by.

      Unfortunately, i have not been successful in connecting to my server either with BIS or WIFI.

      I get a connecting to IP Address:22…OK
      Notice: stream closed
      IN: 0 bytes
      Out: 50 bytes
      Total: 50 bytes

      Am i doing anything wrong?

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