Amazon Tablet Coming? CEO Jeff Bezos Says “Stay Tuned”

It has been touted for awhile now that if Amazon were to come out with an Android tablet, that it would be the ultimate iPad killer. There were recent rumors that Samsung may be building the tablet and that a form of hybrid e-ink and LCD display would be used. But despite the mounting evidence that they’ve been quietly assembling their arsenal to do just that, the company has been staying mum until an interview today.


During an interview with Consumer Reports, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was asked directly about the possibility of Amazon launching a multipurpose tablet. Bezos replied with a “stay tuned” on the company’s plans, clearly not denying what has been suspected.

However, Bezos was also cautious to not give the impression that the company has any plans to kill off the Kindle. He emphasized that should any tablet device be in their future, that it will supplement rather than supplant the Kindle. He feels that there is still an important place for a “purpose-built e-reading device.



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