Amazon Tablet, Yet Another Pretender?

We have all seen them come and go, the supposed iPad killers. There was the Motorola Xoom, then the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and some even touted the HP TouchPad. Well, i guess we all know too well how they ended up.

The latest device being bandied around now is the yet un-named and still unintroduced Amazon Tablet. Billed for an October release date, rumour mills has it that the device would be powered by Android 3.2 and would have a screen estate in the 9 inch range.

Amazon has had imense success with its Kindle ereader series but perhaps its biggest joker would be its unrivalled ebook library. This coupled with its existing movie, music and Android app stores, the stage is already set for the introduction of the Amazon tablet. If this tablet ever see the light of the day and barring any patent lawsuit, it may in reality constitute the biggest threat to the iPad.

Yet again, some watchers are suggesting Amazon should make the pricing and specs more attractive than the soon to be released 3rd iPad iteration. Haven’t we been down this road before? But with rumoured strong undercutting of the retail price of these tablets, even at a loss, they just might have learnt some lessons from the HP TouchPad.

As usual, we can only wait and see…

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