Apple iOS – The Beginning Of The End?

That Apple copied, shamelessly, Android and about every other major mobile OSes in its iOS 7 is no longer news. But what beats me is why most online reviews fail to mention this shameful act but instead hail this “next-to-die-after-Blackberry” as the best thing to have happened to mankind.

Undoubtedly, iOS 7 is the biggest step this mobile OS has taken in years but in truth, it is only just about catching up with what Google’s Android has got going on for a couple of years.

appleNaturally, we would expect Google to respond – decisively – to the leverage Apple is having with its copycat innovation. One should not also forget that the so-called fingerprint technology that Apple has in its latest iPhone iteration, the iPhone 5s, is also a high tech photocopy of now Google’s Motorola Atrix phone innovation from back in 2011.

Ummh, these are indeed desperate times for Apple. Who would ever have thought that this once innovative company will stoop this low? All indicators seem to agree with what some analysts have predicted, the very steep decline of Apple’s fortunes by 2015.

Just my 2 cents here Apple, it may not be worth much. I believe the only lifeline left for you to remain relevant is to adopt Google’s Android business model – Open Source.

Any Geek worth his salt – that has seen the other greener side that is Android – would appreciate the very limiting ecosystem that iOS plays in. Obviously, the mobile OS is meant for those that love to be spoon-fed. Even my 3-year old hates to be spoon-fed! It beats me why “grown-ups” will allow Apple to do that?!!!

Those that hail the iOS 7 obviously have never experienced Android Custom ROMs. Custom ROMs are modified, usually enhanced mobile operating systems. I wholely recommended PAC-MAN , it is an android ROM on steriods. Trust me, try it and you will be hooked!

Well, like we say in Nigerian Pidgin English, let us continue to “siddon look” (Sit Down and Look) and see how it all plays out, eventually.

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  • Classic apple hater…… Just so you know every single OS element on android was gotten or better put as stolen from the iOS jailbreak community.

  • You didn’t quite describe how IOS 7 has shamelessly adopted Android. For some of us that were uninterested in reading the reviews of the platform update and the lacklustre hardware of 5s and 5c. Still your article fails to identify what was copied and give an insight to why IOS would die before WP8

    • Objectively, Apple dying does not necessarily mean going belly up but being taken, decisively, from the tops of every measuring indices – UNLESS something drastic is done to their business model. Reason why i suggested going opensource. I mean that OS can be frustrating. Have you tried sharing or bookmarking articles from a browser? With Apple’s restrictive app Development guidelines, Developers are restricted on the functionalities their apps can have. With Android, think it and you probably can do it. Was just thinking this morning, can we ever have an app like “Tasker” on iOS?

      There are a number of articles online about Apple and its copycat innovations. Read one here;

  • Idowu Akinde

    Ah! You took the words right out of my mouth, Mr Arthur!

    I’ve felt this same way about the closed nature of Apple’s ecosystem, especially as it concerns iOS, and so I agree with you that they should seriously consider opening up their platform. Maybe not the “whole nine yards” of going completely open-source like you advocate, but at least opening up their devices and developer platforms to other OS-es. For instance, on the consumer side, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able (in 2013!) to copy files (documents, audio, video, etc.) back and forth at ease between my iPad/iPhone/iPod and my PC. And on the developer side, I should also be able to build iOS apps from my familiar Windows interface and not be “required” to buy a Mac – mind you, the cost is not the issue here, rather the inconvenience of having to mentally plan a portion of my cross-platform mobile development projects to be done on another OS, as all other platforms have development tools that can be run on the Windows platform – in other words, dem Apple boys should port XCode to Windows asap. Shikena!

    Apple should also remember that the “cool factor” of iOS can only last so long…

    Anyway, like you said, this is the best we can do from a distance: offer these suggestions.

  • Trae Zeeofor

    As read on BBC: “Aaron Ramsey, he cuts inside and smashes in a rising
    shot into the top corner. He is in the form of his life, and Arsenal
    have turned the game on its head”

    Substitute Aaron Ramsey for Android and you wouldn’t be far from the truth.

    Android till i die! Lols.

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