Blackberry Secret Codes

Blackberry secret codes for hidden menus work a bit differently to all other manufacturers since you don’t use the *#code# sequence but rather activate most of the codes by holding the ALT key. As always it is right to point out that these are not some magic Blackberry hacks just the codes to access the hidden menu systems which people commonly refer to as the Blackberry secret codes. A lot of the Blackberry Secret codes are actually shortcuts to the hidden menu areas that people are simply not aware of. To use these codes you just have to enter the key sequence as specified.

To Check Device Voice/Data Usage
Go to: Options -> Status
Then type:  BUYR
Note: If Data Usage /Voice usage does not show 0, your “brand new phone” may not be new afterall!

Below is a list of some other popular codes;

For the following, ensure you hold down the “alt” button:

Code Functions
 ALT+NMLL Changes the signal meter from the standard bars to a decibel display, entering the code again will revert back to the bars
 ALT+LSHIFT+H  To Check Device General Information
 ALT+VALD  Validates the address book, can only be used in the address book
 ALT+RBLD  Forces the address book to rebuild, can only be used in the address book
 ALT+RBVS  Used in the browser to view the page source code, useful if you are developing applications
 ALT+SHIFT+DEL  Soft reset a blackberry device, this is not a format or hard reset. Just a reboot
 ALT+LGLG  Displays the devices event log, if you are struggling to get BES/BIS working the information here can be very useful

Type these in a message box, for example while composing a new e-mail, and press the “Enter” button:

Code Function
 MYPIN Device PIN is displayed
 MYVER  Displays the Software Version and Model Number of the device
 LD  Local Date is displayed
 LT  Local Time is displayed



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