Bounce Rate and How To Combat It

Google has trained us, as searchers, to believe that the top results are the best fit, most relevant and the most likely place to find the answer to our question. So the top of the search results is right where every site wants to be because, that is where the traffic is.

Google may decide which site is most relevant for a particular search term but it is the searcher who decides if that site is what they are looking for and Google can monitor this through a sites bounce rate. If the majority of a sites traffic bounces away with in seconds of landing on that page Google will monitor this and may decide to recommend another site over yours.

There are a handful of common reasons why a visitor may decide to bounce away from a web site. Anything from a slow load time, a clunky and unappealing design, to poor quality content. All play a deciding factor in why that visitor decided to leave your site.

Most of us are willing to forgive a slow or badly designed site if it can provide the answers we are looking for, what is however unforgivable from a searchers point of view is a site that offers them no value with poor quality content that does not answer their questions.

Filling your sites with quality content will not guarantee your sites will receive the traffic it deserves . Iā€™m sure we all work in niches where poor quality sites seem to continually out rank us, it is clear for all to see that these sites offer the searcher no real value but it is not as easy for Google to see this because they can only base their assumptions on a sites bounce rate. When you come across these sites its clear to see that the webmaster has focused the vast majority of their time and effort on manipulating the search engines so they can achieve these rankings, with very little attention paid to the traffic they receive once they have achieved these rankings.

This is why quality content and SEO should always go hand-in-hand. Search engine optimization is vital for the success of any site but sacrificing the quality of the content you produce so you can spend all your time building links to manipulate the search engines is not the answer.

If you feel that your time is best spent in trying to achieve the rankings that your site deserves then the best thing to do is to outsource all your writing needs to a writer who can devote the time needed to produce the content that searchers are looking for and will appreciate. Paying a skilled writer to produce the type of content that people are looking for will undoubtedly put a strain on your budget but if you have the dedication and determination to see the site through to a stage where it has reached its potential then you will be able to recoup your outline much faster and you will have a site that is not only a valuable resource for people, it will also generate a stable and consistent stream of income and this is the real reason why quality content and SEO should go hand in hand to overcome any issues with bounce rate.

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