Browsing With Glo BIS On PC And Mobiles – So What Gives?

GLO-LOGOCautiously, i typed the keyword coweek on my phone and sent it via sms to the shortcode 777. All the while, i had my fingers crossed.

Thankfully, the procedure described above deducted N400 (US$2.50) from my call credit and gave me a week access to Globacom internet services, with a data limit of 700MB.

So, why was i being cautious? The above procedure describes the process of subscribing to Globacom’s weekly Blackberry Internet Service. Problem is, i do not own a Blackberry phone. Well, word on the street is that Blackberry data plans are being used on other brands of phones.  I was a bit apprehensive because I was subscribing to this data plan from a Samsung Galaxy S3!.However, this is a risk worth taking because the data allowance for Blackberry phones is much more than any other data plan that this network (or probably any other) offers for any other platform.

This information is now all over the internet and one would expect the network, glo, to have pulled the plug off it. That is not the case, at least not yet. The company has witnessed so many systems malfunction in the past few years that one can not totally rule out that the company is helpless about the situation it has found itself.

Well, time is going to tell how it will play out. But, meanwhile, the consumers are now better off.

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