“Call Me On My Ipad …”

The internet is awash with a lot of news about the iPad phone, courtesy of the guys from iphoneislam. One thing is very certain, these guys from Egypt have pulled the biggest hat trick this year.

I decided to take the bull by the horns and proceeded to download the app via the alternate app store, CYDIA. It is a 7MB file which took forever to download, thanks to MTN Nigeria’s “broadband” speeds. After installation, i was presented with a single icon on my desktop. Launching this icon gives a screen containing the serial number of your device which will be inputted during the payment process.

Next step is to go to http://www.iphoneislam.com/phoneitipad/ where you would have to activate your device to use the app. You also need to make sure that your ipad has internet access on it, preferrably WIFI as it seems the PhoneItiPad app disabled the unactivated SIM from functioning.

Payment was via a 3rd party payment processor, AVANGATE, and yes, Nigerian cards are accepted! After the payment process has been completed, you may need to close the app on your ipad and relaunch it.

After rebooting your ipad, two icons would be displayed on your device, one for phone calls and the other for SMS.

That is about all for the installation process!


Next step is to take it for a spin. I launched the phone app and got this oversized dial screen;


Decided to give myself a buzz from my HTC TyTn II phone to see what the screen looks like;


Of course i did not pick my own call, no “credit” on my phone. Luckily, my brother from Port Harcourt gave me a shout out;

The call quality was great, was not depreciated in any way than you would ordinarily get.

Making calls on the ipad can be done via the speaker of the device and the mic. I am not sure if there are any earpieces that combines the speaker function and the mic. However, i still have the earpiece of my ipod touch which i am using.

I have not tested a bluetooth earpiece with it (wouldn’t it be nice?) but from what i have read, i am not sure if any would work with it. there seem to be a number of bluetooth devices like the Arctic Sound P311 that just might work well with it.

In all, it is a $19.99 (N3, 200) well spent.

Why not give me a call on my ipad?

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