“Daddy, Where Is My Money?”

Every kid comes of age, the age when they begin to take their destinies into their hands.

Perhaps one of the earliest manifestation of this natural tendencies is when kids kick against the idea of their mother “keeping” their “hard earned” money for them. The age when they begin to realise that accountability has been lacking. This is usually the money gotten from family and friends as tips.

Stealing-money-from-piggy-bank (1)My 7 year old kid and his brother decided to get a piggy bank for themselves to keep their money, and of course, keeping proper records in the process. Each denomination was properly recorded in an old school notebook. He also put his elementary maths into good use by summing up the money, a grand total of N7,150 (US$45). The only information not captured was the serial numbers of the bills.

Over time, i had “borrowed” from this funds,¬†interest-free and without necessary approvals,¬†taking care to return the missing money before the next audit. And everything has been fine.

That was until one morning last week when i was woken up by my son, asking for the whereabout of his money.


How do i explain to this kid, without losing face, that i had helped myself to his money?

“Ehm, it is with me. I…I.. will put it back”, i responded with a bold face.

Indeed, i felt like a thief.

Wonder what the guy was thinking as he left the room. I only wish he does not think of me as such.


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  • When someone takes what isn’t theirs, without permission of the owner…..

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