Design Your Own BlackBerry Themes

There is an almost inexhaustible supply of blackberry themes on the internet. I have come across very cool looking ones and of course, trashy ones too. However, very few of these can be considered to be functional or perfectly suited to ones personal needs.

Personally, I like my themes to be able to give me at a glance, a summary of my itinerary, agenda or scheduled tasks on the homescreen and bottom dock icons, aside from other bells and whistles. Themes like these are not very common and those that fit this bill usually come at a fee.

Thankfully, Blackberry has made it possible for everyone to design themes that suits them. This can be done with just a few clicks. However, some level of skills is required to design more visually appealing ones.

Point your browser to and downland BlackBerry Theme Studio version 5 or 6, depending on your OS version. Caution, the download size is about 300mb with no option of resuming downloads if you are using a download manager.


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