Enemy Of The State

will-smith-enemy-of-the-stateRumour has it that President Jonathan of Nigeria has gone ahead to install surveillance equipment on the premises of the Nigeria Intelligence Agency to monitor the online activities of Nigerian residents, despite the outcry it generated even among members of the House of Assembly. This was in line with a contract he awarded to an Israeli firm earlier in the year.

While ordinary folks like me and you may not be the target of this privacy invasion, it may be wise if we all keep ourselves in check. To prevent your social media accounts from being flagged as possible “enemies of the state”, it may be wise if the following keywords are removed from our online chats, while hoping that the thriving Nigerian Hacker community will in time find a way to circumvent this intrusion;

“London Hangover”, “Clueless”, “Shoeless”, “Oduahgate”, “Boko Haram”, “Sahara Reporters”, …

Anything else?

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