Finally, The Ultimate Blogging iPad App?

So much has been said about the absence of a functional app for blogging on the iPad. Probably the most talked about blogging app on the IOS platform is WordPress, developed by the folks that developed WordPress itself. One begins to wonder exactly why the app seems unfinished, especially the fact that one needs to go for a crash course in HTML coding to use the app at all. It is totally devoid of any WYSIWYG formatting ability. Personally, I prefer using the iPad mobile safari browser to write my blogs and only use the WordPress app to add images to my post from the photo album on the iPad, a function that the web browser is incapable of doing. Why, I don’t know but I guess it is a flash issue which iPad do not support.

The whole experience was not in the least satisfactory so I decided to continue searching for the elusive ultimate iPad blogging app. That was when I saw a reference to an app called Blogpress, touting it as the best blogging app. What makes this app a little different is that you can use it to post your blogs on about all the major blogging platforms; WordPress, blogger, drupal, joomla, etc.

I decided to give it a try, luckily it was on sale for $2.99 (N450). The interface and all had a semblance to the WordPress app. However, it’s functionalities and features extends much further than the WordPress. You can easily format your texts with hyperlinks, modify the fonts and the likes. You can also manage your pictures better by aligning and resizing them as needed in your posts. Also, the app has some other important features like automatic status update to twitter and Facebook, video uploader to You Tube, and a host of other features.

All was going fine enough until I encountered the first stumbling block. How do I add a Featured Image? I did a search on google and I was able to confirm that the feature was not available on the app. Thankfully, a blogger recommended installing an “Automatic thumbnail posting” plugin. What this plugin does is to extract the first image in your post and make it your featured image. How nice.

This post happens to be the first post I will be making with this app exclusively. Hope it comes out well.

Yes, nothing beats the ease of blogging on a PC but I strongly believe that with this app, the iPad is getting closer.

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