Firefox OS: Another Lab Experiment?

There are now a good number of mobile OS out there, with many still considered as not more than lab experiments. The likes of Jolla and Tizen fits this description perfectly.

Jolla, in particular, has a tall order of competing with Research In Motion’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS, as well as the latest version of Windows Phone for the lucrative title of third most popular mobile platform globally, behind Apple and Google’s operating systems. How that pans out, time will tell.

The ambitions of some of these mobile OS can be considered humorous at best. Not to be considered a “kill joy”, why not let us , em, humour them.

The new kid on the block is the Firefox OS, still in its alpha release. My initial hands on with this OS left an Android taste in my mouth. Simply put, the experience was too familiar.

Why take my word for it? Firefox has been nice enough to allow a simulation of its new OS using a firefox browser. Follow the steps below to grab it:

  • In your Firefox browser, go to this link and click the download link for your OS. This will install the r2d2b2g Firefox OS simulator extension.
  • Click on the link for your OS and allow Firefox to install the software in your browser
  • After installing, the Firefox OS simulator dashboard pops up immediately. No need to restart your browser.
  • Enable the simulator by clicking the “stopped” button on the top left side of the browser. The button turns green and is labelled “running”
  • The Firefox OS simulator pops up immediately.
  • Enjoy!


  • Don’t discredit these new kids on the block. When iOS first came out as a new sensation, critics said similar stuff about it too. The one they gave all pass mark and even extolled the fluidity of its interface isn’t making waves even now. I’m talking about your favoured mobile OS here. Windows Phone! Look at where it is at, despite favourable reviews as fresh a OS/UI by pundits.

    Among all these new ones you mentioned, Tizen and Jolla have a better prospect. Jolla’s root is buried in Nokia Belle and Meego. And that would also transform to become its path to glory. All those folks with nostalgia for Nokia and hate the path the Finnish company is taking will naturally gravitate towards Jolla. In like-wise, Tizen is supported by the largest phone manufacturer on earth! So you need no Rocket scientist to tell you, in the least that it would do better than WP8! By the way, Bada at its peak which was supported by Samsung, gathered more sales than WP7! Naturally, that trend may continue!

    • A

      The difference between iOS and other failed mobile OS is the marketing team of Apple. QED. iOS is no better than some of the failed OS.

      No doubt Tizen and Jolla would have a niche – among the geeks?

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