How Much Impact Does Your Device Have On Your Life?

Some of us are perpetually hunting for apps for our mobile devices – to squeeze every ounce of functionality out of it.

Our devices can be an ornament. Sure, a wristwatch is primarily meant to serve as a timepiece. But of course, it is often a fashion statement. “Show me your wristwatch, and I may be able to tell the size of your bank account”.  A car’s primary function is to move us from point A to B. We may, however, choose to make it an object of hair tearing envy.

Some people do not believe in the ornamental value of gadgets. I fall into this category. Some acquire things for their utilitarian value. That is, the practical uses. That may not be your style but this is my way.

Also, a smartphone should be used to the utmost. After all, we often pay good money to acquire it.

Practically all the benefits of owning a smartphone are enjoyed via the use of quality apps- the right ones. Hence the importance of selecting the right OS platform. And the right software suite. Basically, our smartphones are ‘computers’ with calling facilities. It is this ‘computing’ aspect that gives it its enormous power.

It is clear that any mobile application that adequately supplants an old way of doing things – is worth embracing. That is ‘true convergence’.

Mobile apps replace your ‘compass’ (Anthropologists, Archaelogist), Level Instrument (Builders), replace your Secretary (Voce Recording Apps, Speech-to-text applications), makes a Photographer out of every Dick & Harry sorry Harry Echemco!), enable your phone open locks and start cars.

Apart from the standard use of making or receiving calls and sending text messages, I also use my phones for the following;

TEACHING TOOL : I have downloaded and installed  tons of educational apps for my kids. Makers of devices like the Playstation and Xbox may need to put on their thinking caps, as tablets and high end smartphones are capable of snuffing them out of existence. It is a matter of time.
Learning anything is a matter of time and interest, being inquisitive,and the ability to assimilate. The world-wide-web is available at your finger tips.


I can sleep at night  – peacefully –  knowing that I will not oversleep, even after a hectic day. Forgetting to get ANYTHING done is a thing of the past. I can schedule sms – (and emails –, set up (recurring) reminders for future events (SPB Time / DZDClock) –  and keep my head clear for more important things – like thinking.

I can jot down notes on my touchscreen phone easily (StickyNotes / ScribPad, ScratchPad / NoteIt). No need to carry pencil or paper about. Perpetually, there is a Calculator, diary, clock/ wristwatch, camera, compass, mp3 Player and fm radio on me – in that small package  called a smartphone.

BROWSING: Via the power of the internet, there is vastly reduced need for physical books. I’d rather keep ebooks (they last forever), keep digital albums stored in the cloud (they do not wear out), and store all my music and movies celestially too. All these help the ecosystem. This habit conserves our natural resources.

I carry the largest library around in the palms of my hand! There is enough material to last me several lifetimes of reading. I have my Dictionary, bible, quran, talmud, local and international Newspapers. I am rediscovering the joy of having a limitless access to knowledge. Because the browser opens up the world to so much information. I have selected the best Browsers for my needs. ‘Efficiency’, ‘Frugality’ and ‘parsimonious’ are words that make me smile. So I use UC Mobile browser. Same reason I am using the maligned Symbian OS.

Somebody once said,”….do not claim to be ominscient  – unless you are GOOGLE’. I sure am OminiScient- thanks to GOOGLE. My Bible tells me, ‘Seek & you shall find”. Obey – on Google, and you shall have information.

Information has become more readily accessible now. Getting information is a matter of ‘asking Google’. It is what you do with that ‘information’ that constitues ‘knowledge’ – and ultimately, ‘POWER’

Brick-and-mortar educational Institutions, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Libraries, etc, are becoming less important.

I have listed just a few of the ways my device impacts my life. Stating everything would fill a book, but then you get the drift.

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