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A new month comes with excitement and, usually, with a lot of expectations. Expectations of a better tomorrow, a tonic that keeps most of us going.

A new month also brings with it a flood of new magazine subscriptions, something i passionately look forward to. Thanks to the iPad Zinio app, i get all my magazines delivered to me straight to my iPad.

The Zinio app ($0.00) is one of the “must-have” apps available on the IOS (Apple), Android and the PC platforms. The app gives you access to about all the major magazines in the world at a much cheaper price than the print edition. But most importantly, it affords you the oppurtunity to have ALL your magazine subscriptions with you at all times, with no fear of accumulating a pile of paper. Isn’t that what they call going GREEN? I have been a subscriber since 2007 and Zinio showed their appreciation by sending a $5 coupon sometime in 2010. Yeah, it is small but you would be surprised that it is enough to pay for a year’s subscription of a few magazine titles. Unfortunately, i am yet to come across any Nigerian magazine subscription on Zinio and i strongly doubt if there is any.

My subscriptions include PCWorld, iPhoneLife, Readers’ Digest, Computer Active, Elle (Not for me, for the wifey!), PC Magazine and a bunch of single editions, mostly tech, magazines. I kind of stay away from the News and Financial magazines (Time, Business Week, etc), i get enough of those watching cable TV and reading news feeds.

The layout of magazines on the iPad is quite, should i say, interesting and kind of expose you to a much better magazine reading experience. Download size of a single magazine is usually in excess of 10MB with some magazines having download size much more than that. This can be a bit of a problem in Nigeria where internet speed is usually pathetic at best, however, you can start reading immediately while the magazine is being downloaded and once completely downloaded, the magazine is available to you offline and you have an option to sync it with iTunes on your PC. Yet another feature available in some magazines, like PCWorld, is the ability to transform an article to text format for easier reading and sharing. This feature is known as “Page to Text”. Some magazines even have video and audio content.

The October 2011 edition of PCWorld is out. As usual, i would be sharing some articles of interest on this blog. You can subscribe to our news feeds here to be notified of new posts.

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