Linux Mint – Israeli / Palestinian War on Linux Turf?

I honestly did not know there was any connection between Linux Mint & what is going on in the Middle East. Please click the link below for a good read.


  • I have a questions if bill gate hates Nigeria does that mean i should stop using windows?
    Answer: NO

    I wonder if Brother Bradley J. Fikes is telling the truth ? The internet is filled with stuff like this

    As far as i am concerned i will continue to use mint.

    • One of my goals before year end is to be a Linux guru of some sort. I have tested a whole lot of these distros, not less than twenty, before settling for Linux Mint 9 64 bits. I do not have any political orientation, especially as it affects IT. You are right about Bill Gates' Windows, i believe even those that have the strongest anti-american views still use it. For now, the only reason i would stop using mint is if they lose the edge they have.

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