Never Let An Employee Register Your Company Domain Name In Their Own Name

Make sure your company is the named registrant of your company’s domain names.

This is just a friendly public service announcement to all small business owners out there.

domainI just finished reading a domain dispute regarding the domain name

The complainant, TCR Business Systems, alleged that the respondent registered the domain on its behalf when he was employed by TCR. The respondent disagrees with TCR’s allegations.

Regardless of who’s telling the truth here, I frequently see examples of:

1. A disgruntled ex-employee of a company holding a domain hostage

2. A web design firm holding a domain hostage that it registered on behalf of a client

So here’s the message:

Do not take any chances. If you own a small business, register your key domain names yourself. Do not let an employee do it, because they might register it in their own name — which gives them control of the domain. And please, please, do not let your web design register a domain for you.


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