October – National Cyber Security Awareness Month

ncsam_facebook_cover_photo_2014So much has been said about the Internet and the inherent risks that comes with accessing it. Many have fallen victims to identity thieves, phishing attacks and scams.

Lately, hardly any week goes by without news about hacks or attempted hacks on high profile internet websites. The recent icloud hack and the release of nude pictures of some notable celebrities readily comes to mind. News about a breach into Snapchat is also currently unfolding.

What is probably alarming is the seeming ease at which these hacks occur despite the millions of dollars some of the companies have invested into securing their servers.

But what many will never get to hear about are the routine hacks to online resources of ordinary people like you and I.

The month of October has been designated as the National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The goal is to raise public awareness on cybersecurity and educating individuals and families about staying safer online

SingleHop has been in the fore front of this campaign. SingleHop is an IT hosting company and services provider based in the US and provides bare metal dedicated servers, public and private clouds, as well as managed services to more than 4,000 clients in 114 countries.

Below are some myth busters this company has pushed forward in furtherance of this campaign;

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