An Offer of True Value

An Offer of True Value

Dear Esteemed Customer,

You are one of our identified high value customers, and it therefore pleases me to personally inform you of the most recent value offering from MTN Nigeria. It is an offer of true value! It means instant connections to your loved ones and call rates that are first-of-a-kind, never-done-before in the history of telecommunications in Nigeria.

From absolutely free calls to and from your loved one to lowest first minute call rates, you will once again receive from MTN, the value you deserve – transparent rates without hidden charges or access fees.

That’s because, at MTN, we believe that you deserve true value, the kind that enriches your life in tangible ways, the kind that continues to inspire us to set the pace in Nigerian telecommunications as we have done for 10 years now.

By the same token, we believe that true value also goes beyond offering you the lowest rates in the telecoms market. It includes the most extensive nationwide coverage that serves over 35 million Nigerians in 2, 394 cities, towns and villages. It includes the widest 3G network coverage translating to affordable, high-speed internet services wherever business and pleasure take you. It includes 292 CSR projects sites in all 36 states of Nigeria including the FCT and myriads of sponsorship initiatives in sports, music and several fields of endeavor. Today, it also includes two revolutionary tariff plans – revolutionary because they will significantly enrich your treasured relationships and change the face of Nigerian telecommunications once again.

Indeed, this change is one that everyone can experience in a tangible way. Everyone can enjoy the unbeatable value of the MTN Magic Number, because it is available on both plans. Everyone can make free calls to and from one number for 30 whole days and nights!

For those who make long calls, MTN Talk-On ensures that both your conversations and purse strings remain unbroken! This is because it offers the lowest first minute call rate in the market and an incredible 25k per second for the rest of the day.

For most of us who want to keep our valuable relationships on the front burner this year, then MTN Family & Friends is just perfect! This is because with MTN Family & Friends, you can make calls at 20k per second only to six (6) registered numbers including one international number and one number from another network. In addition, you can still enjoy   free midnight calls to all MTN numbers. No hidden charges or access fees of any sort. Now that’s true value.

As we mark our 10th anniversary, we commit to always offering this kind of value, the kind that enriches lives and ensures the service that you deserve.

Take my word for it.

Warm Regards,

Ahmad Farroukh



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