“Oh Sweet Lorraine” – Emotional Song From A 96 Year Old To His Late Wife

953637-fred-stobaugh-and-his-wife-lorraineThe good Lord definitely works in mysterious ways.

It took the whole 96 years of Fred Stobaugh’s life for him to be transported from relative obscurity to worldwide limelight, thanks to the letter he penned to his wife.

Sitting alone in his living room one month after the death of his wife, he decided to write a letter to Green Shoe Studios in response to the singer/songwriter contest advert he saw in the newspaper. The lyrics he had the inspiration to pen that evening and its composition, was a tribute to his late wife – his companion for 75 years.

Currently, the single “Oh Sweet Lorraine” is sitting pretty at No 7 on the top of the US  iTunes charts with over 6000 downloads so far, rubbing shoulders with songs from Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Robin Thicke.

3-oh-sweet-lorraine-650-430I tip this song for a Grammy nomination for best new song and a win for best country song – for all objective and sentimental reasons. Probably listened to the track more than 50 times these past couple of days.

Click here to buy the song, you just may be ensuring the man lives the remaining years of his life in comfort.

The official documentary of this song has witnessed about 3 million cumulative views so far. You too can view it from the link below. Please view it. The song itself starts from around the 5.53 minute mark. Careful, you just might start feeling all so mushy with emotion. The last time i felt this way was while watching Kevin Skinner’s first audition at the 2009 “America’s got Talent” contest. He eventually won the $1m top prize.


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  • I wept as i watched this piece not because it was moving but because i saw a passion afta 75years of marriage that my generation has lost after the first year of their marriage. We all need to sit back and do something most especially build a lasting family again.
    Thank you Fred.

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