Protect Yourself From Facebook Scam Messages

IN LATE APRIL, a purported scam spread via Facebook Chat and wall posts. Affected users received a message saying: “haha did you see this yet? it’s pretty funny… see what you look like 20 years older, mine is HILARIOUS:) [link redacted] whoops sorry meant to send that to someone else:P”
If you received such a message, and you clicked the embedded link, that action posted the same message to your wall or sent it to your friends through Facebook Chat, thus spreading the message to other users. If you were duped, the scam could have collected some of your personal information. (Although that isn’t confirmed, scam victims should assume that their account has been compromised.)

If you took the bait, first check your Facebook Apps list to see if it contains anything that you didn’t authorize. To see which apps you have authorized, log in to Facebook, click the Account drop-down menu in the upper right, and click Privacy Settings. From there, look for and click the Edit these settings link under ‘Apps and Websites’. You’ll then be able to remove any suspect apps.

To protect against similar scams and attacks, never click Facebook links that seem even remotely suspicious (even if they appear to be from people you know and trust), and never give up your login information to a suspicious linked site.

If you have entered your login information while responding to a suspicious message, you should change your Facebook password immediately. If you use the same password for other Websites, you should also change it there to be safe. In general, you shouldn’t use the same password for multiple sites.


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  • spacyzuma

    yeah, I've been aware of this for some time too.

    This week alone, 3 such posts have been appearing: "Photographer committed suicide after taking this pic", and "Look what he did after her Ex girlfriend posted on his wall"

    These posts use sexy pics to lure people [mostly men] into clicking them.

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