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Let me give a warning up-front. If, like nature, you love to  waste, this article is NOT for you. Nature abhors Vacuum, i detest waste!

This is a follow-up to my article of October 26, 2010 titled “Save some money browsing on PC”.

The primary thrust of that article was to point out the possibility of running Opera Mini on a full-blown PC. You can, of course, also run any other Java MIDP application. There are articles all over the internet documenting how to do this. It would appear that the implication of this possibility was lost on many people.

To re-emphasize, there are two benefits of being able to run an Opera Mini (or Uc Web or any other Java-based browser) on your PC :

1.  SPEED – Running any server-assisted phone browser gives you the same snappy page loads that you are used to on your portable device

2. SAVES BANDWIDTH – The same data-size reduction of up to 85%, happens here.

Point number 2 is the reason for this sequel.

The important implication is this, you can use a 100MB or 150MB data bundle from any of the GSM companies for far longer than you ordinarily would. Ordinarily, you would not dare tether a phone with a measly 100Mb  /  150Mb data allocation for 30 days. It would get exhausted in a jiffy. The catch, however, is that with this method, you may not be able to get certain things done, like downloading. You will also be unable to load “dynamic pages”. The other limitations are minor.

For other forms of browsing, running your Opera Mini on the desktop is not just fast, but saves LOADS of Naira!.

If you are on LIMITED data plan or you have to watch your data consumption carefully, you can use this method whenever it is feasible. You may also combine it with using your normal desktop browsing with a full-fledge desktop browser.

It makes cents!

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