How Safe is your Business?

Just how safe is that business model of yours? For how long will your business be a going concern?  This question is especially pertinent in the technology world. The threat of the big names muzzling or stifling the smaller companies out of business is becoming a very clear and present danger. They seem to be involved in about every thing technology!

You already have your business on-track, running smoothly, the cash is rolling into your bank accounts.  Then out of the blues, the very foundation is bull-dozed out of your business. Some examples of this kind of situation is the decision by facebook, google and such behemoths to implement their own URL shorteners.  If  Twitter also comes out to join this gang, well, you get the picture! With this singular move, any URL shortening company, that bases its income directly or indirectly on offering URL shortening service, should be worried  and start thinking fast. A list of existing URL shorteners that may find their businesses threatened can be found here.

Yet another example is the fairly  new service by Google allowing you to send smses from your computer – for free. So, what will be the fate of web-sms services companies ?

Again, you are a manufacturer of digital cameras, Good! That is your buiness area. You have invested good money, spent time and cool cash on Research and Development. Suddenly, a phone manufacturer like Nokia decides to incorporate a class-braking camera in a Nokia N8. And you can be sure other manufacturers will follow the suit.

Nowadays, cameras, clocks, FM radios, GPSes, Altimeters, Portable television sets are now within the domain of Phone Handset manufacturers. What happens to companies who have their business models based exclusively, say, on the manufacture of just one of these items? In the era of digital convergence, we are beginning to have single devices combining numerous functions.

When we talk of storage today, hard disk manufacturers had also better re-invent their business strategies, Flash technology will eventually totally replace the conventional hard disk – as we know them today.

The list is endless. One thing that is , however, common to all is that in today’s world of rapid-fire technology innovation, it is becoming increasingly difficult for smaller companies with expertise in narrow fields to stay relevant.

It is worrisome!

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  • an example of this is was the sh*t back then, then along came Google Reader. Ajax and the community recommendation, all in one internet dashboard thing and they went under. Pitiful.

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