Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories: The C Pen Review

Samsung C PenThe C Pen is a capacitive stylus made to work specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Unlike most capacitive stylus that have a big soft rubber on the tip  that tend to be much softer to the point where they squish in considerably, the Samsung C Pen gives you a more precise input option due to its soft, yet firm, 3.5mm pointed tip.

The C Pen has a solid build with confident weight to it and looks just like an actual pen. Its pointed tip makes for far more accurate handwriting and drawing on your S3 than your finger.

On the flip side, I find that the C Pen is not always very responsive.  Sometimes, you have to press firmly on the screen to get your task done. Also, the C Pen is made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy 3, just like the S-Pen was made for Galaxy Note, and they do not work on any other smartphones, including each other.

The Samsung C-Pen offers, to some extent, similar experience as Galaxy Note’s  S Pen. The C Pen, however, falls short with the experience you get. Tagged the poor man’s S Pen, the C Pen is based on an entirely different technology and lacks the wacom digitizer technology that gives the S-Pen 1,024 levels of pressure, which lets you draw weighted lines as you would with a real pencil. You get palm or finger rejection, which means you’ll rarely draw an accidental line with your hand. Basically, it’s akin to upgrading from using a chalk to an art pencil

Even though C-Pen cannot measure pressure like S-Pen, it still gives much better task handling than your fingers or other styluses.

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