December 25, 2011 was a Christmas day like no other.

While most of you fine folks were enjoying the spirit of the festive season and probably, also waiting for the next juicy post on your favourite blog, Diary of a Geek, some low-life, never-do-well, anti-social, society-reject scumbag, nincompoop, scallywag script kiddie was hacking away at your favourite blog!

For security reasons, i would not go into details of the how and the extent to which this reject came close to pulling the blog down but suffice to say, if you are reading this, then we must be back up! Trust me, the scumbag went all out!

To those that do not know, no website is hack-proof, no matter the resources at your disposal. You may ask Sony and Apple about their experiences. However, stupid mistakes like using a single password (as in my case) for all your website and email logins may be akin to leaving your doors ajar at night. For a non-commercial blogsite like Diary of a Geek, without the potential financial bounty that may be found on sites like Sony or Apple, was this scumbag just catching fun? Trying to erase into oblivion my hours of hard work and research?

Yo Momma! Catch me if you can!




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