Still On Cobranet

I wrote about this company last year, paying glowing tributes to the quality of their service offerings, though I must admit that i had strong reservations about the company sustaining the quality of their service.

Well, 6 months later, the story has not changed. In truth, i can say that they have even improved on their services. Just last month, the company decided to up its plans, giving their customers even more value for their money.


Home Bronze              1.5Mbps             N6,500             7GB

Home Silver                2.5Mbps             N12,500           13GB

Home Gold                  3Mbps                N17,500           18GB

Customers also enjoy free browsing between 12am and 6am everyday. The download junkies would love this.

They boast of their services being powered on advanced 4G speeds, i really can not confirm this. However, what i can confirm is that they have the fastest speeds for any Nigerian ISP I have used.

Again, i pray they keep this up. Time will tell.


  • Wale, thanks for your review. I’ve used almost every isp on the market and i only settled for cobranet last month after reading your previous glowing review. I do not regret my decision. They are the best isp i have used yet, and that is saying a lot. I have used ipnx,swift, mtn, starcomms, etisalat, mtn, airtel, and glo. Cobranet offers the most bang for my buck. The 12-6am free browsing was the icing on the cake. I download 3-4 movies every night easily.
    My only snag with them is that i feel their data accounting may be less lenient compared to other isps like swift, and the cost per mb is also higher than swift. But i guess i can live with it since they more than make up for it with the freebie i get between 12-6am. Thank u

  • Hi Wale, I’d just like to point out that the speeds you listed are wrong. Cobranet has not increased the speed but the volume of their plans. I would also like to add that though Cobranet is not the fastest ISP I’ve used (That trophy goes to mobitel with their ACTUAL 2Mbps plan), I have to agree that Cobranet provides the right balance of speed, volume, cost and reliability and I would gladly recommend them anyday

    • Wale Falade

      I have with me the fliers from the company detailing the features of the new and old plans. The speeds I have listed in my post is actually what is on the flier.
      I hope to activate my recharge voucher later today to confirm these details

      • Wale Falade

        From my tests, got a download speed of 1.22mbps and upload speed of 0.22mbps

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