Technology – A Blessing Or A Curse To Humanity?

This write-up was inspired by the recent human tragedy precipitated by a devastating earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2001. The nuclear reactors, emitting dangerous and cancer-inducing radiations, had me wondering just how the earth can be made a greener- and safer – place to live in. The severity of this nuclear accident (surpassing even that of Chernobyl) has prompted some advanced countries to start re-examining the advisability of making use of nuclear technology (even for peaceful purposes).

It is a well-known fact that people who live in the villages and countryside – and thus not over-exposed to the dangers of modern technology – live a longer and trouble-free life.

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Most electronics emit ‘Ozone’ gas. This has a deleterious effect on the atmosphere and is partly the cause of the strange weather conditions experienced world-wide. As a country where poverty is pervasive, items that are no longer in use in the advanced world are being dumped here in Nigeria. Twenty-something -year-old cars, refrigerators/aircondtioning units using injurious refrigerants, airplanes that have passed their service-lives are also being dumped. The list is endless.

You probably use aluminium pots to cook. As you stir that pot of soup, some of the coatings mix with your food. Over time, and ingested in sufficient quantity, this could be the cause of cancer. Ditto for glass cups. How good is ‘glass’ for your system?. You swallow minute quantities each time you take that cup of cold water! “Little grains of glass make…..

Worthy of mention is the level of carbon monoxide inhaled daily by people. Power generators now compete with automobiles as the worst culprit in noxious gas emissions! Bronchitis, Coughs,… you get the idea?.

Each time you ‘down’ that orange juice drink, do you consider that you are ingesting ‘colouring’ and preservatives? Is it surprising that there are strange and increasing cases of kidney failure and cancerous growths?

There have also been concerns about the possible effects of locating phone masts close to residential buildings. That phone that is always with you and close to you has its irradiating effects on your body chemistry.

And, if you are a lover of ‘heavy metal’ music, in discotheques and on your 12-speaker car audio system, beware! Hearing loss, like sight loss – is usually a gradual thing. By the time you notice something wrong, it is too late!

In conclusion, while we take advantage of technology in making life comfortable and efficient, we must always be mindful of the negative impact on ourselves and the environment.  As a matter of policy, let us endeavour to live a ‘greener’ life, be as ‘natural’ as possible (.i.e eschew processed food, e.t.c) and avoid excessive exposure to radiation (phones?) and other carcinogenic substances in our daily lives.

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