The iPad Supremacy

The Apple iPad is the ultimate tablet in the market using the measuring indices that matter most, and this has been the case since the device was introduced. However, there still exist some staunch iPad haters out there who are still in denial of this fact and i find this very unfortunate. What more do they need to let this fact sink in? The HP Touchpad’s unexpected and very surprising flop in the face of iPad’s opposition is still causing quite a ripple. Also, the manufacturers of the Samsung Galaxy 10.1, hoping to ride on the success of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, are having a reality check. One of the problems that HP and other tablet rivals have is that they think its enough to beat the iPad on paper with hardware specs, then match Apple’s pricing, but the reality is that the iPad is a much better experience with a second-to-none marketing strategy.

The HP Touchpad is indeed a very sad case, at least, to the promoters of the device. But for a lot of people,especially in Nigeria, this is probably our only chance of owning a tablet from a reputable manufacturer and at a cheap price. Already, ecommerce sites like hayzees are preparing to flood the Nigerian Market with this device and are already accepting orders.

In death, the HP Touchpad has experienced a tremendous surge in demands, thanks to the cheap pricing. And with the possibility of installing Ubuntu Linux or Android on this device, it is a very good buy for even existing iPad owners.

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