The Search Continues…

Lately, i have written very little about Apple products and the developments in the company; IOS 5, iPhone 4s and all. It is intentional. Let’s just say my romance with Apple products died with Steve Jobs. Not that either events had anything to do with the other though, however I am about moving on. I will not bore you with the details on how this came about.

One thing is still certain though, Apple products still rule the tablet market, and of these you have two choices;

iPad (1st Generation) : Older iPad model with less memory but with less restrictions via jailbreaking. Still a top choice for those who are willing to test the limits of tablet computing.

iPad (2nd Generation) : Newer model, more memory, extreme restrictions. Popular among those who are willing to enjoy tablet computing the way Steve Jobs (RIP) wanted you to and of course, whine about what the iPad should have been.

The 3rd iteration of the iPad would be released come 2012. Fact is, Apple is going to continue with its policy of total lockdown on its products. I shiver to think of what more restrictions would be placed on the device just so that we can enjoy it only the way Apple wants. Except there is a change in Apple company policy, this singular fact makes continuing with future brands of the iPad not very likely.

So, what is the best iPad alternative? Not in terms of ease of use, as definitely nothing comes close to the iPad. But in terms of ease of modification of the OS (Rom Cooking & OS porting), acceptable features and acceptable ease of use.

Really, what are my chances? What are my options?

The search continues…

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