Unlock Your Etisalat Dual SIM Phones

I recently got a dual SIM phone from Etisalat, the variant without the camera. I needed the phone to house my numerous SIM cards as it is almost impossible in Nigeria to be loyal to any mobile network. And no, i am not a con artist, all my SIMs are duly registered!

Unfortunately, Etisalat signals is almost non-existent in my neighbourhood, so it was like i was carrying a dead weight around.

By the way, the phone is dirt cheap at less than N5000 (about US$30) and has the first SIM slot locked to Etisalat network.

The unlocking process is quite easy and, i hope, without risk. But if you brick yours in the process, well, it’s just N5000!

Here goes;

1. Get your phone’s IMEI number underneath your battery. There are two numbers there but you only need the first one.

2. Use the IMEI number to generate your unlock code from this site ; http://a-zgsm.com/calculator/

3. Do not insert any SIM into your phone. Replace the battery and switch it on.

4. Type the following code on your phone and press the left green (send) button; *983*8284#

5. You would be prompted to input a password. Insert the unlock code into the phone. Note that the phone may not accept all the characters of the unlock code, just insert as many as it would take.

6. Boom! Password Accepted. Your phone is unlocked! Insert any non-Etisalat SIM to confirm!


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