More Utilities To Kill For

In the recent past, I wrote about a few utilities I find indispensable on my personal computer. These included :

[EveryThing / UltraSearch]  – for speedy hard disk content search

[Turbo Type] – a highly customizable word auto-completion – as you type

[Clavier+] – an awesome keyboard remapping tool

[TheSage] – Dictionary, thesaurus. General reference -an awesome tool for people who need to communicate effectively in English.

All of these are Windows ™ programs.

I hereby draw attention to two more free Windows applications that I find noteworthy.

One is a “Wordweb”. The other is a “Figuresmith”:

1) WordWeb – this is very similar to “TheSage”

It is yet another notable tool tool for those who cherish speaking and writing impeccable “Queen’s English”

The program has a few narrowly defined function – to be a comprehensive dictionary that popups up when you click a word. It offers semantics, synonyms, etymology, similar sounding words and pronunciation of the specified word.

If you are a Blogger, Novelist, Journalist, e.t.c – you will love this application. Visit: and grab what Pc-World calls ” …so much more than an exceptionally good thesaurus”

2) SpeQMath – This one of the most complete free-form ‘calculators’ I have seen. To call it a calculator is to grossly belittle its diverse capabilities. It plots graphs and handles the usual engineering tricks – with aplomb.  It simply rocks. If you are someone that need to compute ANYTHING, this is for you. Computer scientists, Engineers, Physicists, Architects, e.t.c. This is an indispensable for you!

Download from:

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