Vanity, My Favourite Sin

I have watched The Devil’s Advocate a number of times and in my estimation, i think it is probably one of Al Pacino’s best outing so far. As the movie ended, the Devil, played by Al Pacino, stated, “Vanity is my favorite sin.” The wicked smile and stare rang true because most of us know that vanity and ego can corrupt us all. Human frailties can easily be seen in others. Although, when we look inward, vanity can be difficult to expose.

Vanity, that word aptly describes the new craze in Nigeria for latest gadgets, notwithstanding that most of us can barely afford the least of them. For most, the need to convey the impression that we are bigger than we actually are or that “my phone is better than yours” is deeply embedded in our psyche.

Vanity, plain vanity.

Well, for me, I am just a gadget addict, plain and simple. I freely confess to that. I like gadgets of all kinds, even when i know i have very little need for them.The need to continually keep pace with technological innovations keeps me going most times. Is this also vanity? Does this also fall within human weakness that the Devil was referring to?

I buy many of these devices thinking that it will make my life better and meet all of my needs. I try as many of these gadgets as possible, and buy far too many of them than i will ever need. Some of them become useful tools in my work and others make my life more enjoyable. However, Inevitably, they all fall short in some key areas, and the quest for the perfect gadget begins anew. Call it a rat race if you like.

Thankfully, i have not gotten to the point of using my kids school fees to satisfy this craving.

If you find yourself chasing the perfect mobile gadget, rest assured you are not alone. Maybe you are in denial that you are truly addicted to these little devices, and that is okay. Don’t worry, you’re only human and the Devil knows it.



  • Sydny@Geeky Gadgets

    I buy many of these devices thinking that it will make my life better
    and meet all of my needs. I try as many of these gadgets as possible,
    and buy far too many of them than i will ever need. Some of them become
    useful tools in my work and others make my life more enjoyable.


  • A lot of people see me as a gadget addict. I guess it’s because I talk about mobile smart devices a lot.

    And while I maybe addicted to the ones I currently posses, I avoid doing stupid things because of them. I’ve never bought a gadget on debt, or made a serious dent in my savings for one. I never buy impulsively. Before I buy any gadget, be assured that I have spent at least 2 months doing research and preparing for it.

  • Without any element of doubt, I can also say I’m a gadget freak too. My wife is so sick of the way I crave for these thing. I currently own two tv’s over 50 inches and I’m already craving for the 70 inches.

    On the mobile platform, I can’t wait to lay my hands on the note 3. I’m even thinking of getting the s4 pending the time note 3 comes out. Crazy you will say.

  • Harry Echemco

    Yeah, I love gadgets too and follow news about new gadgets and related technologies but I am also restrained in my choice of devices both because of limited resources and bias in my interest. Sure, I do want to know as much as possible about every new gadget, technology and platform operating systems, but I only invest on mature technologies and those that really interest me in special ways.

    For instance, in mobile platforms, my favourite is Android while I’m watching Windows Phone closely. As a matter of fact, the newly released BB10 operating system is not stirring my interest any single bit even as I try to learn as much as possible about the platform because, I can’t see anything new coming from the platform that is not already on Android and even more matured. The likes of iOS and Windows Phone are also not catching my attention as platform I would like to own a device being powered by them because of some obvious and various hardware and software restrictions intentionally imposed on these platforms by their makers.

    Still, even on Android, I always try to make informed purchases based on my financial capability and the utility I’m going to derive from any piece of device. For instance, though NFC is catching on, aside from implementations by corporate bodies, of this technology as a means of payment, which surely will take some time in this part of the world, I don’t see it as something that will influence my choice of a gadget right now even though I will still appreciate it on my device. The idea is, given two devices of equal specs except that one has NFC, and the other doesn’t, I will find it difficult investing on the one with NFC if the difference in price is going to be appreciable. But something like USB-On-The-Go can actually sway my decision of a device because I see it as something I’m going to be using frequently.

    I’m not compulsive about the latest announcements of mobile devices except there’s appreciable utility to be derived from the new device or that the platform is bringing a revolution of a kind before I start taking such device or platform very serious in terms of considering it for purchase.

    • A

      I guess for a good number of us in Nigeria, our financial circumstances is always a big consideration and restraint that prevent us from indulging in some excesses that we are inclined to. But that is for us people that try to think logically.

      Problem is, most are still more interested in how they are perceived by others, the need for them to be seen as being affluent even when they are not.This is probably more common among the Blackberry fans.

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