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I will be the first to admit that things have been low-keyed lately but, perhaps with some sense of loyalty, the traffic has not let up at all. Thanks Guys! We have since surpassed the traffic record for last month.

We’ve been working on a project for a while now which has come to fruition. The whole of this month has been spent trying to tidy up things and i must say that the I’s are all dotted and the t’s all crossed.

Arthurwales Solutions Limited is the product of this exercise. We are entering into the world of web hosting to make a mark and to make a difference. Our game plan is very simple, ” Hit The Ground Running”. Web Hosting business has become, ehm, should i say rather crowded lately so one really have to have what it takes to make a mark.It really has not been easy,  the financial commitment to play at the level we are playing is not cheap but that is the only way we can stay competitive while still meeting and exceeding your expectations.

We have no 200MB or even 2GB web hosting plans on offer, those wont get you very far. What we have are realistic plans to see you through years to come, and guess what, for even lesser prices, complete with free domains. Yes, you got it right, FREE DOMAINS. Our plans are carefully structured to bring on board loyal and dedicated partners, the profits will come some day.

Do not take our word for it, why not point your browsers to and have a feel of what i mean. Even though our promo prices are considered ridiculously cheap, we are offering a further 50% discount to REGISTERED MEMBERS ONLY of this forum, all you need do is to input the promo code artwales while checking out your order. Offers are limited and offerings will be based on email addresses used in registering on the site.

Please spread the word.

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