Virtualization Part 2 – Installing Virtualbox

We would be continuing from where we left off. To continue in the second part of this series, i will be making the following assumptions;

– You have read the first part of this series.

– You are curious to know what Linux is all about

– You have a fairly modern laptop with a decent processor speed and at least 1GB RAM (2GB or more, preferrably)

– A Linux distribution CD/DVD. We would be using UBUNTU 10.04 for this tutorial. If you don’t have any, click here to see how you can get one for free.


Point your browser to Virtualbox and download Virtualbox 3.2.6 for Windows host. It is a fairly large file of about 75MB.


Ensure no application is running in the background on your laptop to compete for system resources.

Install the software. The following screen shots should guide you;


Wait for part 3 of this series, there we would be installing LINUX as a guest OS in our Windows PC.

Stay tuned!


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  • How soon are you posting the concluding part?

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