Customizing Your Windows Send-To Menu

ST1On a Windows PC, right-clicking on a file or folder usually display a context menu where you can select what option to use in managing selected files. Options like Compressed (zipped) folder and Desktop (create shortcut) are usually available by default.

To add more menu options to the context menus:

For a Windows 7 or Vista PC, type the following into your file explorer address bar:


It would open a folder containing shortcuts of applications already listed in the “Send-to” context menu. Create and drop shortcuts of applications you wish to add.

For a Windows 8 PC, open the Run dialog box by pressing Win+R, then paste this command into the text box:


This will also open the folder where all the context menu shortcuts are. Alternatively, you can navigate to


Create a shortcut in this folder for the item you want in the Send To menu, and you’re ready to go.

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  • Harry Echemco

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve always gone about this through navigation, i.e. I first make hidden files and folders visible so that all those parts which are normally hidden are rendered visible before I proceed, and then after creating my shortcuts, I hide the hidden files once again.

    The feature is always very handy. On Linux, it is usually trickier because you have to create the required scripts and import them or search for them online, but with scripts, you have more power than you would on Windows.

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